Silver Carpet is an ethereal electropop project of Rayne Kristine who hails from the forlorn woods of the Southeast. She has been releasing music since 2006. Silver Carpet offers sounds that are sad, hopeful,  full of fire, and darkly chilled. 

Rayne: Celtic harp, piano/keyboards, other instruments, vocals, mixing, mastering, production. 

Past Musical Projects

Mirror of Dreams (Shoegaze/Grunge)

My Darkest Time (Doom Metal)

Above the Skyline (Electronica)

Paper Gods (Neoclassical)

Nakjaarna (Experimental Ambient)

Guest Appearances 

Cryogenic Echelon (Industrial)

Garden of Edan (Ambient)

Wintryfrost (Gothic Metal)

Contagiion (Black Metal/Ambient)